Free Monitoring Software 13.02.01

Keep a track of all desktop activities on your employees’ computers with Employee Desktop Live Viewer. The advanced software saves all computer activities like websites visited, chat logs, applications launched, download history etc. in AVI format.

Free Monitoring Software 13.02.01

Unwanted computer activities performed by employees are a major concern among organizations across the world. It can be stopped easily using Employee Desktop Live Viewer tool. This smartly programmed free monitoring software is programmed to track all computer activities of employees without their knowledge. Also known as spy software, Employee Desktop Live Viewer is programmed to monitor both online and offline computer activities. It records all computer activities such as internet activities (websites visited, download history, pages visited etc.), chat logs, applications launched, etc. in AVI format that can be viewed in Windows Media Player anytime.

The advanced free monitoring software is capable of monitoring multiple computers at the same time allows user to stop all unwanted computer activities happening in their organization. It’s also capable of monitoring dual screen of the same computer. If the user has two different windows open, you can easily track both windows. While monitoring, the software remains completely hidden and can’t be seen in All Programs menu or on the desktop. It works secretly in the background. The software facilitates you with automatic monitoring option. You just need to set a time for monitoring and the software will automatically record all computer activities happened during the specified time.

Employee Desktop Live Viewer is also available in free trial version. Free version and paid version works in a similar fashion but free trial version comes with certain limitations. Trial version lets you evaluate the monitoring capabilities of the software. Using trial version, you can monitor desktop activities of a single computer for 7 days for free. To keep using, purchase the licensed version of the software. The software is compatible with all versions of Windows OS including 8. For more information visit:


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